Notes On Restoring A Custom Matlab Subsystem

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    Sometimes your system may generate an error message stating that the custom subsystem Matlab. There can be several reasons for this problem.


    A custom subsystem block is the result of a lock from the set of contained a series of one-block libraries. Block context menu is configurableThe subsystem allows an overload, which the custom subsystem can chooserepresents.

    Additional custom subsystem blocks make it easier to present models.families with drafts. B. Suppose someone wants to model a car.offers a choice of engines. To share such a design, you must create a libraryMy models of engine types are available with auto start. Would you useThen your custom block subsystem in your car model can represent thisengine choice. In order to create a certain variation of the basic design, the user of the car mustDo you want the only engine type that is available through the custom block dialog?motor field.

    In order to create a highly customizable subsystem in a template, you must first create a library created withCustomizable with the main subsystem and the blocks it preputs. Can you create laterconfigurable instances of the master subsystem by drag and drop, making copies of which the masterThe subsystem comes from libraries and stores them in templates.

    You can add any type in a custom block to the wizard.Subsystem Library. Get Simulink® port names to find customSubsystem by making a nice list of port names that apply to all options. usedHowever, Simulink uses the port for name errors to block parameters not associated with the subsystem.

    You can’t delink libraries from the most customized subsystem because simulink uses all links to reconfigure a subsystem every time you select a new one.Construction. Termination of the provision of services would only make sense if, in the event, people were not going to reconfigurethe subsystem itself. In this case, you can update the custom subsystem subsystem, vianon-configurable which, unfortunately, implements a permanent configuration.

    The custom block will be removed in any future release. thisInstead of thisit is recommended to try the subsystem.custom subsystem.subsystem optionThey offer more options than the information subsystems that can be configured with them.benefits:

    more customizable for subsystem block convert tovariant subsystem block, see Converting a configurable subsystem variant to a subsystem.

    For more information about the subsystem variant, see Subsystem variant, variant model.

    If your model contains a custom subsystem block, you will see a real warning.Message. Convert the warning signal to an error message, be sure to use the string commandParameter ConfigurableSubsystemUsageThe string

    • Of course, you can mix the box model and the functional subsystem in thisblocks from the choice of options.

    • You can specify anything, modifications have a different number of inputs and / or outputsPorts.


    Create Custom Master Subsystem

    If you need to change the librarya leaky block, which often becomes the single default block selection for the custom subsystem, the change is actually immediately propagated to the custom subsystem. To propagate this change, do the following:

    If your model’s custom subsystem contains a significant defectCreate a link to the library block, cut and edit the link, then save the variantUsually don’t fix a broken link the next time you open a brand. To fix onebroken library link new subsystem custom usage, one offollowing approaches.A

    1. Create a library of object configurations representing several different custom subsystems.

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      Save the library.< /li>

      < li>

      Create an example of a typical configuration insubsystem block from any library.

      To extract a copy of the latest custom subsystem fromSimulink Ports & Subsystems family in your libraryprevious step. Custom displayLock the

    3. subsystem dialog box, twoBy clicking on it once. The dialog box in the field defined displays a listmany blocks in the library.

    4. In the Block Selection section of the General dialog box, select the blocks you see, which are different configurations of Create.The custom shared subsystems < /p>

    5. configurable subsystem matlab

      To apply the changes, close the dialog box, click OK andbutton.Button

    6. selectlock a subsystem from a custom context selection.Value

      Menu displays a submenu that lists and locks subsystemscan represent.

    7. Choose this block to represent the largest part of the default subsystem.

    8. You see, the . /p>


      When you < add or remove locks from a library, you must rebuild all subsystemsCustom blocking patternLibrary.

    If you need to add or remove a library, create snippets thatConfigurable subsystem blocks usingLibrary.