How To Fix DVD Win-play In Windows Media Player?

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    Recently, some of our readers noticed a known bug when playing dvds in Windows Media Player. This issue can occur for a number of reasons. Let’s look at them now. If you then see a Windows Media Player error that says compatible that no DVD decoder is installed, it means that some kind of plug-in (called an MPEG-2 decoder) is required to play the DVD, but it isn’t. The Media windows A player plugin has always been sold for a fee.

    Normally, the disc will probably play automatically. If this task does not play or if you want to play a disc already inserted, open Windows Media Player, thenEnter the disc name in the recording lesson area of ​​the player library.

    dvd won play in windows media player

    Note. When you start playing a DVD or VCD from the player’s library, the player will automatically enter the Now Playing mode. Windows

    Why does my DVD not play on Windows 10 media player?

    Microsoft has ended native support for DVD video playback in Windows 10, so we recommend using a third party vlc player, a player with free built-in support.My DVD. Open the VLC media player, click “Media” and choose “Open Disc”. Now you can attach the video to your DVD.

    The player does not support the Blu-ray disc format. Correct To play a Blu-ray disc, you need to use a new third-party program that supports Blu-ray disc playback and a device that supports Blu-ray disc playback.

    dvd won play in windows media player

    If you have previously selected the Auto-Rip from CD dialog in the Rip Music window in the Options or Rippers menu, the CD will be ripped as soon as it is inserted into the drive.

    Why does my DVD not play on my computer?

    If DVD still doesn’t work on your PC with the help of a third-party DVD expert, the DVD player may again be to blame. Check the status of your device. To do this, go to (press Device Key Manager + win X), select DVD / CD-ROM drives. If you see a yellowish exclamation mark or a red X, your drive needs to be upgraded or reinstalled.

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