Help Fix Twonkymedia Syntax Error Error 1

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    If you have twonkymedia Syntax Error 1 on your computer, this guide can help you.

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    Checks that the user has specified access to your current server.

    Returns a JSON object , containing this particular result:

    " true " , " code" : "error code", "message" : "enable"

    The following error codes are common:

    • 0: Access granted (user publicly known)
    • 801: Access denied (bad credentials, host does not support multi-user mode)
    • -1: Invalid RPC problems
    • 1 and 3 : Invalid device
    • 7: Invalid server response
    • 14: Failed to contact server (no TLS, market value)

    "success" only applies to traveler error code 0. when granting access.


    The use of the multi-user API is only recommended if the server's metadata includes a "Multiusersupport" element containing "true".

    This is currently only supported for twonky 7 server.3.

    If the selected server cannot run in the same process, further https communication will obscure the user's credentials. It is

    it is actually also recommended to use https after this RPC call.

    Since version 7.3



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    Returns the capability list of the specified dtcp server. Tag
    see. description of Dlna:X_DLNACAP in the DTCP chapter Support for strings that might well be returned.






    Adds an element that can render a queue renderer if “index” is set. “index”
    If not just a parameter, the element will be added to the end of this queue.>




    < p>alternatively metadata for further is still possible use fields:

    title=[value][br>artist=[value][br>album=[value][br>genre=[value][br >albumArtURI=[value] ]



    Add adds an element to the render line at the “Index” position.
    If you just don’t provide a true In “index” as a parameter, your current element will be added to my end of the queue.

    Remember that if this important RPC is called asynchronously by multiple callers, the order of the queue may be different than expected.

    < p>Instead of specifying the metadata in full XML format, you can make it available as a makefile. In this case, omit the make metadata option and be sure to include ptitle parameter. Other optional metadata segments are.

    Then, if the Twonky server is running locally, could be a file URL, for example:

    http://127 par .0. 0.1:9085 /nmc/rpc/add_metadata?renderer=uuid:07c8fc00-f5ff-43e0-9e67-0e9b330f8f0f&url=file:///share/videos/video.mp4

    twonkymedia 1 syntax error

    RPC will contact the server for the same bookmark, and then behaves like an RPC add_bookmark, for example.
    Note that parameter metadata is ignored in this case.

    (since version 7.1.2):< / p>

    Users of this API can then be redirected to the Twonky proxy via “addlhdrs=“, allowing metadata to be generated.
    headers must be added along the form:
    addlHdrs=url.encode(X-TWONKY-PARAM: : : rnx-twonky-param : rn)

    Note that we need the special “rn” because these added lines are HTTP headers, not the actual case. “rn” should have been encoded as “%0D%0A”.

    Starting from version 8.0, the privatebm parameter is ignored, and the url parameter is also output as a bookmark.

    Starting since version 8.0, the PrivateBM parameter is ignored.

    since p>

    Starting with Twonky Server 8.1.1 Twonky, the default ProxyServer is completelyLonger part of the server, longer in addition, t is available only on request. P>beam


    < < td>

    url=[url] the specified URL to the described renderer.


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    renderer=[BOOKMARK] If
    item= [bookmark|url|type]

    Asks if the specified rendering engine matches the corresponding element it can support. The alternative parameter can be one of the following types:

    • Add an element to the money bookmark if the corresponding element
    • supports information from a full protocol such as “http-get:* :audio/mpeg:DLNA.ORG_PN=mp3”
    • a Enter the mime as
    • The “audio/mpeg” URL directly pointing to the media pack (this is not fixed or not can be tracked)

    Returns row 1 if not all renderers support the element, and each of our rows 0 if the renderer does the same.

    check_multiuser_access user=




    < /td>


    Clear main engine queue
    index= [


    Delete >

    renderer=[bookmark] item in entire renderer queue.


    bookmark=[BOOKMARK Br>operation=[start ]< Stop | | getstatus]


    loads the specified bookmarks. operations Parameters can start, stop, and pass usage state. The filename parameter identifies the file as being named, although any path information specified here is ignored, and the file will most likely end up in all temporary directories used by the client SDK or the Twonky server. What is "/temp" (application data is specified in the corresponding INI file).

    When JSON output format is requested, IT looks like this

    < p>"Result": "ok ", "path": "


    < p>dtcp_content_upload This is only available for special Client SDK configurations.
    See "2.4 DTCP Support" for details.

    operation=[start | stop getting status] |
    src=[BOOKMARK] transfer

    Controls DTCP between the corresponding source server and target node. Two servers must support DTCP.

    twonkymedia 1 syntax error


    This feature is only available for unique Des sdk configurations.
    Please read details 2 "dtcp.4 for more help".

    operation=[enabled consider | stop | exit |
    getstatus] file=[BOOKMARK]
    Controls the loading of DTCP-IP text content from the origin server and your current server. Both servers must serve DTCP.


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    dtcp_get_capabilities 1 ]


    renderer=[BOOKMARK ]

    Optional parameters:

    • max_edge=num_pixel
      Default: 256
    • mime_type=type
      Default: image/jpeg
    • ignore_default=0 |1 < br>Default : 0
    • scale=WxH
    • device=0|1
      Default: 0

    This function can be used to successfully retrieve album art from sources of the following type:

    • from the metadata of each of our covers to albums play "playable item
    • from i e.g. item in queue specified by index, or maybe server bookmark
    • c using assigned item bookmark
    • < li>Device icons for website or renderer

    • li>

    Par. Additional options can be used for the following purposes: